November Update

Hello everyone! 

Luke here (aka the guy who makes the YouTube videos), it's been far too long since the last update, and with things being a little quiet on social media, I thought I'd put together a quick blog post. I want to get everyone up to speed on some of the behind the scenes stuff and new things coming soon! 

A HUGE thank you to all our customers and supporters  

It's been a busy month for us, a big part being thanks to all the terrific support of our customers! Demand for many products has exceeded all expectations and has greatly increased our confidence moving forward. 

As a result of the increased demand, some items are currently out of stock at the time of creating this blog post. We are working to get all items back in stock as soon as possible and everyone's patience is greatly appreciated. 

Make It RC over just the past year has really grown. I don't know quite how much of this growth and change is visible to our customers or the casual YouTube/Instagram viewer, but certainly a lot has been happening. 

Most of this progress has been a lot of boring stuff behind the scenes such as paperwork, stocking inventory, and moving to a new shop (well actually the move has been kind of exciting). The transition of Make It RC from just a hobby to a small business venture has been a lot of work, but a solid foundation to build the business upon is being created. It's all thanks to the amazing support of friends helping with everything from editing to packaging, and of course all of all of you.     

An important aspect of any business is to create and maintain good relationships with suppliers. Although most of what we sell is either made in house or supplied through trusted local businesses, we've had to learn some lessons the hard way when dealing with certain suppliers.

This has resulted in certain items being out of stock far longer that what I consider acceptable, and is something we're working on improving moving forward. Compounding this issue is the fact we lack the deep pockets of other similar businesses which limits which suppliers we can work with, and how much products or materials can be ordered. This has resulted in a pattern of order as much as we can, create our products and sell, reinvest into ordering even more to meet demand and expand the business. Again, this all just started as a hobby by myself and a few friends and sort of organically morphed into a business as more and more people where interested in ordering what they saw on our YouTube channel. We didn't start with piles of cash, loans, or investors, we slowly built up to where we're at today selling the best products we can make.

The good news, we're in a far better position today to order more products and materials, better manage inventory, and are working with reliable suppliers. The result has, and will be a better ability for us to meet demand as we move into the new year. In fact this is one of our goals for 2020.

Speaking of goals, I might make another blog post discussing some goals for 2020 and some sneak peaks at whats on the horizon, but for now here are a few quick goals as we move into the new year:

  • A greater focus on downloadable content where chassis files can be downloaded and printed by the customer and a kit with non-printable parts can be ordered from us. The FP UC1 has been very popular and I'm expecting the almost all FDM printable FFR SC1 to be a hit as well. Of course all the printed parts can be ordered from us as well.  
  • Maintain inventory to keep up with demand (as just discussed above).
  • Offer more chassis' sized for specific model kits and bodies eliminating the need for measuring by the customer. 
  • Increase the amount of video tutorials and documentation (we've already got started on this as some may have noticed. More tutorial videos are on the way).
  • Create more content for YouTube. Aside from being a great marketing tool, they don't really make money, but regardless I enjoy creating them and I know many of you enjoy watching them. It's been hard lately to make time to make videos, but hopefully that will change.     

 With that final point said, I'd like to segue into the next topic...


Now Hiring                            

As of lately I'm the only one working full time. Understandably my good friends who have and continue to play an integral role of Make It RC have other commitments and life goals they're working to achieve. This has left me a little over burdened, (maybe more than a little) and spread quite thin throughout all aspects of the business. As a result we're searching for people who are interested in some part time work.

We're looking for individuals with a passion for scale RC vehicles, and model building. As a small business, we are especially interested in individuals with a variety of different skills and interests that are relevant to the work we do at Make It RC. This may include any of the following; experience with our products, video production, photography, good at working with small parts, knowledge of full size vehicles, CAD modeling, social media marketing, website development, graphic design, engineering, writing, 3D printing or any other skills you have that might be relevant. Another way to put it is we are not just interested in someone to "robotically" package orders, but an individual with passion for the hobby and skills that can assist in multiple facets of the work we do.

With that said some of the regular tasks would include packaging products, assembling products, testing products, and packaging customer orders. In addition we'd be interested in having individuals who can build components and vehicles while document the process with video and/or photos to use for tutorials, blog posts, and build videos.   

Again this is a part time position. We are extremely flexible with hours, so if you can only work mornings, evenings, or weekends (etc). That can more than likely still be arranged. Therefore, please don't let that deter you from contacting us. We understand we're offering limited part time work and your likely busy with other job(s), school, family, life, etc. and we therefore are willing to a make some accommodations.

We each work hard and of course expect the same from anyone else. We do offer a very casual, laid back atmosphere within a small business (this ins't a big fast food or retail environment 😉).         

We're now located about 15 minutes south of downtown Dayton, Ohio in Centerville. You must be 18 years of age or older. If your interested or have any questions, please send me an email at: 


New Products

We've been a little slow lately with new products as fulfilling orders has kept us busy. There are a few new things on the horizon I wanted to mention, the first being some new 1/24-1/25 scale shop and garage accessories and some new 1/10 scale interior accessories.  

The STL files have been available for awhile on Patreon, now already printed versions will be making their way onto the store.   


This was teased earlier this month on social media. A pretty much fully FDM 3D printable FFR SC1 chassis variant will soon be making it's way onto Patreon and our shop. There's a lot more information and a build video coming soon so be sure to be on the lookout for that!   



Thank you all for 90K 🎉

The continued support of everyone on YouTube is amazing. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was excited and amazed when the channel reached 1,000 subscribers. 90,000 is just wild, I'm always happy to see so many people enjoying the content. Thank you everyone! I certainly wish I could invest much more time into producing video content. I haven't been able to do much lately but I'm hoping that can change. 🤞


Thanks for making it to the end, be on the look out for more updates. 👍