November 3 Updates, Announcements, and Future Plans

For sometime now I've wanted to add a blog. Although social media posts are alright for some stuff, a dedicated well laid out blog for discussing updates, future plans, and behind the scenes stuff should make for a lot better place to share info related to Make It RC products. I'll probable try to give some updates once a month or whenever it seems necessary.         

Here's a few quick things that have recently been added.

New Wheels and Tires are Now Available, More on the Way

Some new wheel and tire sizes have recently be added to the store. You can find them here. We've had some minor production issues with the Star 50 wheels which has delayed their release. We hope to have them along with some more new designs available soon.


FFR SC1 Chassis Kits Now Available

As has been requested, more complete FFR SC1 chassis kits are now available. Although these kits do not include axles, wheels, front suspension, electronics, or body, they will provide a great base for the builder and will eliminate the need to buy every part individually. For those who wish to print there own chassis pieces and have a kit that includes the suspension links, hardware, gears, etc. These kits will be added this month.



Our Focus for the Coming Months

Focusing on the FFR

The recently released FFR SC1 chassis and relevant suspension and drivetrain components will remain a primary focus moving forward in to the immediate future. Ensuring customer satisfaction, continuing to testing and improve parts, add new compatible components, and increasing production will be the main focus moving forward. New products and chassis' will be introduced eventually, though currently being a very small mostly part time team of enthusiasts, we can only do so much and we do not want to spread our limited resources too thin.

Ramping Up Production         

Meeting demand on a number of products recently has been a challenge. The huge response and interest from everyone has been awesome and has far exceeded our exceptions. As a result we did not anticipate the demand that we have for specific products and as a result have struggled to keep some items in stock. We are working to increase production and streamline certain processes to increase the quantity of products. At the same time however we are remaining thorough with product testing and quality control. 3D printing can introduce many variables to the manufacturing process all of which need to be monitored. We really appreciate everyone's patience.   


Improving FFR SC1 Product Page

Improving the layout and navigation of FFR SC1 chassis' and parts is something that we are working towards improving. We understand some customers find the current layout and pages a bit cluttered and can be tricky to quickly find the parts they need, we certainly agree that there is a need for improvement. Below is a brief look at a new page concept for easily navigating to any relevant component. Tiles for things such as kits, chassis parts, axles, and compatible electronics are all laid out on a single page. The gray tiles will be replaced with relevant images and clicking them will send you to a page with those products as is demonstrated in the video. This new layout and organization should make finding the products you need quickly a lot easier.                  


Adding Individual Replacement Parts

Some products such as the MS01 and MC01 assemblies do not yet have every individual replacement part listed on the store. These individual parts will soon be added. For anyone currently in need of a replacement part(s) send an email to and we will assist you with getting whatever part you need ASAP until everything has been added to the store.


Revving Up The Make It RC Patreon Page

This month we are excited to introduce some 3D printable items that will be exclusive to Maker Tier Patreon supporters. The first being STL files for the 3D printable RC crawler chassis that was showcased a while back on YouTube. Although the design is still a work in progress, some talented builders who we've sent files to have already utilized them to build some awesome crawlers! So we want to give supporters early access to all those files.

Additionally we will be uploading files for a WIP 1/24-1/25 scale FDM 3D printable RC chassis. The design goes back to around 2013-2014 when I first really started to get into 3D printing RC vehicles. It's a very simple design that can fit a huge amount of different bodies, as well as incorporates a larger amount of FDM 3D printable parts. This is unlike the FFR SC1 platform which only the base chassis can be accurately FDM printed. This chassis although not as scale will likely prove to be a much better option for the beginner or more casual RC enthusiast. More on this chassis to come.         

Become a Patron to get early access to these files later this month as well as more exclusive content in the future.


Thanks for reading! At this time we have no system for comments set up on this site but be sure to let us know what you think our social media pages.