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Make It RC MS01-EP Modular Front Suspension and Steering Assembly (base kit)

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Base kit version of the MS01-EP. Recommended for experienced hobbyists only.

Two width versions are available. The standard version is designed to match the width of a 53mm MA10 axle assembly and the wide version is designed to match the 57mm MA10 axle assembly.

Recommended for use with wheels that have 3mm or less of backspacing when 4x1mm Hex mount is used.

Distance between the wheel mounting surfaces will be approximately 55mm when 4x1mm wheel hex mounts are used and approximately 57mm when 4x2mm wheel hex mounts are used. Both sizes are included. 

Mounting hardware to securing the MS01 assembly to a FFR SC1 chassis is included.

A 1.6mm Front Spacer is recommended when mounting this assembly to a FFR SC1 Chassis.

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Some things to consider regarding this suspension and steering assembly:

  • This assembly is fairly tall, (around 28mm from base top) so keep this in mind when considering it's compatibility with your body.
  • There is a limited amount of steering angle with this design. 
  • The McPherson strut design is a bit more complex and harder to tune than other suspension designs. 
  • Minimal steering leverage due to compact design requires more force to turn wheels and return the steering to center. 
  • Always keep all moving parts well lubricated
  • Assembly requires small steel rods to be cut to specific lengths. Tools capable of cutting small diameter steel rods are required. Such tools can be dangerous so enure you are operating them with care and as instructed by the tool's manufacturer.   
  • Not intended for off road use, or jumping. Avoid dirt, dust, hair, and other such debris. Contains small and fragile parts. Keep away from small children.    Recommended for hobbyists 16 years of age and older. 

Replacement parts can be found here.

Important: Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange of this product for the reason of selecting options that you do not want or options that make this product non-compatible with your specific chassis. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are selecting the options they want, and that are compatible with their vehicle. If you have any questions about this product and compatibility, please contact us at prior to purchasing. We can help make sure you are selecting the correct component for your vehicle. For inexperienced hobbyists, we recommend purchasing a complete ready to run chassis/vehicle, or a complete chassis kit rather than buying all of the components individually.