Make It RC 1/25 Scale MA10 Axle Assembly 53mm (kit)
Make It RC 1/25 Scale MA10 Axle Assembly 53mm (kit)

Make It RC 1/25 Scale MA10 Axle Assembly 53mm (kit)

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The MA10 is a 1/25 scale axle assembly designed for lighter weight radio controlled vehicles of a similar scale, most commonly built around a typical plastic model car or truck kit. It may be installed onto a Make It RC chassis designed specifically for this axle assembly to be mounted to it, or it can be mounted to a custom built chassis you have created. Additionally this axle can even be fitted directly to the chassis piece that is included in certain plastic model vehicle kits, though this will likely require extensive custom work, and is generally not recommended for inexperienced builders.

This is the kit version of this 53mm MA10 axle assembly, a fully assembled version can be found here. The kit version of this product is only recommended for experienced hobbyists and model builders. 

This kit requires an adhesive to assemble. A strong adhesive designed specifically for bonding metal and plastic components is highly recommenced. Typical model cement used for bonding plastic components should not be used as it will not provide a strong bond for these parts. Most jewelry and metal glues will work well.    

Some of the parts will also require sanding and trimming which is necessary in order for all of the parts to fit together well. 

All axles ordered here are custom according to the options you have chosen. Please allow for up to two business days for us to fulfill your order and get the item shipped. We will send you an email once the package has been shipped. You can always contact us by email if you have any questions. 

Important: Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange of this product for the reason of selecting options that you do not want or options that make this product non-compatible with your specific chassis. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are selecting the options they want (size, gears, ect.) and that are compatible with their vehicle. If you have any questions about this product and compatibility, please contact us at prior to purchasing. We can help make sure you are selecting the correct component for your vehicle. For inexperienced hobbyists, we recommend purchasing a complete ready to run chassis/vehicle, or a complete chassis kit rather than buying all of the components individually.

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