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FFR SC1 for AMT 3rd Gen Camaro FDM 3D Printed Parts

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All FDM 3D printable parts needed for the FFR SC1 chassis sized to fit specific AMT 3rd Gen Camaro Model kits. 

STL files are available to all Maker Tier and above Patreon supporters here

Watch the build video for more information:


Compatible electronics kit:

Hardware and non-printable parts kit:

Compatible silicon tires: Low profile Tire:  Standard Tire: 


Model kits that fit this chassis:

AMT 1051 '83 Camaro Z28
AMT/ERTL 31805 1983 Camaro Z/28
AMT/ERTL 6561 1983 Camaro Z-28
AMT/ERTL 6023 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

Other similar AMT Camaro and Firebird model kits may fit, however we can't confirm this.