Build a 1/25 Scale Mustang Boss 302 RC Model

Our latest build features one of Revell's recent model kit releases, the 1969 Mustang Boss 302. A muscle car/pony car legend with great looks and plenty of power. Of all the Mustangs released over the past 50+ years, this particular year with Boss 302 trim has to be near the top when you're talking about the greatest Mustangs of all time. While our tiny radio controlled replica focuses a little more on scale realism than raw power, this sub $100USD car is a lot of fun to drive and a relatively easy to build. If you're ready to build your own RC replica, you'll find helpful information, videos, and links below.  


A cool read by Hemmings for more info about the real car: 


This project has served as a way to test out some new parts. Those being a new Velcro body mount design, and a new wheel adapter design. Both proved to be successful, though we do want to work on the Velcro mount design to keep the body more stable.

In general Velcro body mounts will have their advantages and disadvantages over other means of mounting the body, such as magnets, pins, or screws.  

For more information check out this video:


Important note for builders! Currently the Velcro body mounts and wheel adapters shown in the above video are available only as STL files download from our Patreon. We can however 3D print you a set of each upon request. If you're ordering one of our FP UC1 chassis kits, we will include these items in your order at no additional charge. You must however send us a message immediately after ordering your kit (no greater than 60 minutes after ordering), or before ordering your kit. You can send your message directly to our support email, or simply by using our contact form found here. Be sure to leave the name, email, and order number associated with your order in your message. We will gladly include those additional items at no cost. 


Here is a look at our final finished Mustang after paint: 


If you're ready to begin your build we recommend you check out this page which contains more information about our FP UC1 chassis. It also includes a video tutorial you can use when assembling you chassis. Other projects we've done using the FP UC1 can also be seen on that page as well.



Links to all products used below. (Does not include supplies such as paints and glue. If you would like more information about those items, please feel free to contact us).   

If links are dead, please send us a message so we can update them. 


Model kit: Revell Monogram 1/25 '69 Boss 302 Mustang | Tower Hobbies


FP UC1 chassis kit (pick one)

I won't be 3D printing my own parts:

I will be 3D printing my own parts (maker tier Patreon membership or above required):  


FP UC1 chassis compatible electronics kit:


FP UC1 chassis hardware kit:


Transmitter and receiver: 3CH 2.4GHz Digital Radio Remote Control Transmitter + Receiver for RC Car Boat | eBay


2S LiPo battery: Powerhobby 2S 7.4v 300mAh 35C Lipo Battery w JST Connector 818285101967 | eBay


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