Make It RC FP UC1 Chassis

Small scale RC model building at it's simplest. Make the FP UC1 the base of your next 1/24 or 1/25 scale RC project. 

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Low cost, easy to build, and versatile, the FP UC1 is a great choice for RC, model building, and 3D printing enthusiasts.     


The FP UC1 is a simple FFF 3D printable small scale RC chassis. The basic design goes back several years to when I first started getting into 3D printing RC vehicles and parts. The design is extremely basic as the chassis does not incorporate any suspension and the positioning of the electronics is optimal for keeping the chassis simple and limiting the amount of required parts.

The drivetrain is designed for compact N20 size motors and is placed in the rear with the output shaft parallel to the rear axle. To transfer power to the rear axle, relatively large 3D printable gears are used. The gears are made large to allow them to be easier to print on a typical FFF printer. Both the axle and motor mount are incorporated into one easy to print piece that mounts directly on the chassis. 

The front end contains parts that are easy to print. Different sizes are available to allow for different track widths for different size bodies. Bearings are used not only to allow the axle shafts to spin freely but also the knuckles to rotate without resistance, allowing for smooth and accurate steering movement. A relatively large 3.7 gram servo can be used for steering which will provide plenty of power. 

The FP UC1 is designed for use with small scale bodies, primarily 1/24-1/25 scale plastic model car bodies. Positioning the rear motor and axle mount will set the wheelbase while positioning the rear wheels on the rear axle shaft will allow for nearly an trackwidth to be achieved. Like with the rear section, choosing the correct lower front base and positioning the front wheels on their axles where you need will allow for nearly any track width to be achieved. This allows the chassis to be extreme versatile and It’s easy to make the chassis the size you need for your body.


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Our projects using this chassis:

Revell 1/25 Scale 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8


Revell 1/24 scale custom 1979 Mazda RX-7 widebody 




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Assembly tutorial video