July Update

July is here! Time for a quick update on some new projects, products, and videos.

As many of you have probably already seen, last week an update video for the scale shop was uploaded. This video highlights some of our scale shop and garage accessories available both for purchase or download. A little sanding and paint goes a long way to make these pieces a great addition to the shop. Check it out:

Still lots more to do but it's already coming along great!


This week's video showcases the recent 1970 Chevelle SS build. Our new MC01 and MC01-EP Tuner Pack is used to adjust the camber and toe of the front wheels. You can view these products here. More tuner packs containing different size parts for different assemblies are coming soon. Have a look at the car in action:

If your looking for the cones used for the autocross course, you'll find the STL files along with our growing selection of 3D models on Patreon available to Maker Tier members. You can also order already printed cones here.

New Type 181 and Classic 5T Wheels Now Available  

Larger 20mm diameter sizes of Type 181 and Classic 5T wheels are now available. These wheels are better suited for some larger 1/24 scale models. Link to Type 181 wheels, Link to Classic 5T wheels.


New FP UC1 Projects and Testing in the Works

First introduced on Patreon awhile back, this brutally simple RWD RC chassis is an extremely basic and versatile base for a variety of bodies. Look for more updates, hardware kits, and videos in the coming weeks.


Thank you all very much for the support! Lots more content on the way.