March Update: New Merch, New Videos, New Products, and USTE!

What an awesome start to 2021 it's been so far! From getting the chance to put together some awesome video content, to attending the awesome Ultimate Scale Truck Expo, it's been a great past couple of months. 

I put together a video taking a look back at some of the content from earlier this year as well as showing off some new merch, products, and talking about some upcoming projects.


Easily one of the highlights of the past month was attending the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo in Williston Florida. It was a fantastic event and I look forward to sharing all of the highlights from my experience with all of you. For now check out some of the short highlight videos I put out over the weekend while at the event. 





I’m very excited to announce some new merch starting with our white Make It RC ball caps

 Also now available are decals! There are around 6x3 inches worth of decals sized for your 1/10 through 1/25 scale RC vehicles. These are available on their own, or included with all orders over $10USD.


We’ve also got a couple new products which includes our 1/10 scale jerry can and 1/25 scale fire extinguisher



If you’re interested in a fully assembled, almost ready to run vehicle, we currently have this 57 Chevy Bel Air sitting on top of a FP UC1 chassis available for purchase. 

The Revell body looks awesome and you’ll be getting the entire kit which includes the interior. With the magnetic body mounts set up how they are, you can add the interior if you desire, or you can leave it out for more room for electronics. 

Just add your own battery, receiver, transmitter, and ESC then build and paint the car however you’d like. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us. 


On our Shapeways shop, you’ll notice we've been gradually adding a variety of parts and accessories including wheels, MA10 parts, and suspension components. As has been talked about previously, we’re focusing more on creating video content, STL files, and accessories, so as a result we’re gradually moving certain products previously available on our site to both our Shapeways shop and onto PatreonShapeways can print a large variety of parts in many different materials making them a great choice for those who do not own 3D printers, or for those who have 3D printers, but want a part printed in a higher quality material, such as high detail plastics or metal. Switching from producing many of these parts in house to offering them on Shapways and Patreon lets us spend much more time focusing on creating video content, tutorials, designing new parts, expanding our selection of accessories, responding to messages faster, posting to our blog more than 3 times a year, well you get it. 

Please note that it is going to take some time before every little part and piece is posted onto both the Shapeways shop and Patreon. Also some products will remain on our site and our Shapeways shop exclusively. If there is a specific part you need but can’t seem to find it, please send us a message and we’d be happy to assist with getting you the part you need.


Speaking of Patreon, here's a few things you can expect to see in the coming weeks. Mostly some odds and ends such as some MA10 axle parts that we’ve also been posting on Shapeways along with some new wheel designs.

Also we have some new FP UC1 body mounts that will give you more options for how to secure your body to a FP UC1 chassis. 


That's about it for this post. Thanks everyone for your continued support and stay tuned for future updates!