New Year, New Site!

We're getting the year started off right with a fresh new look!


Although 2020 may not have been the best year for many, we feel very thankful that for Make It RC, 2020 gave us a lot to be happy about. Despite supply shortages, longer shipping times, and stay at home orders, thanks to the support of our community and our customers, we not only made it through, but are charging full speed ahead into the new year! 

Thank you all for 100K Subs!


Not gonna lie, we're a bit burnt out after the busy holiday season. Understandable considering the amount of packages to fill. All hands where on deck leading up to the holidays and I'm so proud of all the friends and family here who made it possible. 


With that said this past year has caused myself and all of us here to do a bit of "soul-searching" if you will. The success of the products has been incredibly rewarding, though with what started as a humbly hobby now grown into fully fledged business, It's time for a re-evaluation. As a result and with this in mind, we've put together our plan for 2021.  


The biggest part of this plan, and I think the part that all of you will like to hear is we want to put video making back at the core of Make It RC. YouTube is how it started and is what I enjoy more than anything else, but it doesn't pay the bills. I decided to make the business side of Make It RC a full time job a couple years ago without knowing just how much of a full time job it would be. This last year however, ad revenue has increased and so many of you awesome viewers have decided to support the channel monetarily through YouTube channel memberships and on Patreon. Add that to some recent collab/sponsorship opportunities and suddenly spending some significant amount of hours every week to make videos is actually feasible, not just squeezing a little in here and there in the evenings when I get some rare free time. In 2021 I'm looking forward to being able to spend much more time on video making. We've got some great stuff in the works and some cool stuff planned so stay tuned! 


With that said the store is going nowhere, in fact we're going to be continuing to roll out some new accessories in the coming months. We will however no longer be offering certain parts, pre-assembled products and almost ready to run chassis'. This is for a number of reasons, mainly lower sales, low margins, and much lower interest when comparted to kits and STL files. Replacement parts and support for these products will continue. We know the majority of our customers want to print their own parts at home, and thanks to all of our monthly supporters on Patreon, we're able to post a wide variety of STL files. Look for some more great models to be posted on Patreon over the next few months. 


Speaking of Patreon, I'm very excited to finally announce that the "beta" version of the FFR SC1 Sport chassis sized to fit Revell 1969 Camaro model kits has been released


While we will be scaling back some on the manufacturing and sale of certain physically products, at the same time we are adding many parts and designs to our Shapeways store. While making videos and posting STL files has continued to be more of the main focus, we want to give everyone the opportunity to order already printed parts. Whether you don't have a printer, or want to order a part printed in a more premium material or finish, Shapeways can print in variety of materials using high end equipment. We're in the process of transferring some of the products offered on our site over to Shapeways. If there is a specific part you'd like to order but don't see it on our Shapeways store, please contact us.



We know many customers have been asking when our FFR SC1 hardware/electronics kits and our FP UC1 kits will be back in stock. The holiday rush has cleaned us out, but fortunately it's looking like we'll have more available within a few weeks so please check back for updates.   


Finally we're less than two months away from the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo in Williston Florida. Make It RC is a proud sponsor of this event and will be in attendance for the duration of the event on the 19th-21st of February. We've got some awesome stuff planned so stay tuned for some USTE related content coming to the channel. For more info check out their site. We hope to see you there!  


Here's our coverage of last years evet:


That's all for this update, be sure to check back on our site and follow us on our social media pages for future updates. 👍