Pro Touring 1970 Chevelle SS Build

New full build is finally out! This build features a pro touring style Revell 1970 Chevelle SS. An awesome build that's a lot of fun to drive!


Check it out:


In the future we will be offering chassis kits along side some full build videos just like this one. These will include all the Make It RC parts needed instead of having to order components separately. For now though here is some information and list of parts used for this build. This should be very helpful for anyone interested in building a similar car.     

These are the body measurements I got:

Wheelbase: I measured it as 116mm and printed out a 116mm main chassis piece, however the chassis' wheelbase to me looks slightly too short. Not enough that I felt the need to print a new one but I think a 117mm or possibly even a 118mm would be a better fit.

Width (outer edge of wheels): I kept it around 75mm though that dosn't leave much wiggle room.


Parts Used:

Model kit: Revell 70 Chevelle 3 n 1, part number: 85-2715 (note: this kit is out of production)


Chassis: FFR SC1, 116mm wheelbase (note: a 117mm wheelbase would fit better) 60mm width version and mounts for 57mm MA10 axle. 26mm rear piece was used.


Front suspension: MC01-EP assembly, wide version used and 4x2mm wheel hex mounts


Rear suspension: Prototype 57mm MA10 axle assembly with torque arm. If you are building your own, any 57mm MA10 will work. Use 4x2mm wheel hex mounts


Steering Servo: SVA micro servo


Motor: 4000 RPM N20


ESC: 10A ESC with brake


Battery: 300mah 2S


Receiver: Radiolink R6FG


Wheels tires and tail pipe: Can be downloaded and printed on your own printer if you are a Maker Tier Patreon member. Physical parts can also be ordered here.


Please note that as Make It RC is in somewhat of a transitional phase at this time, as a result some items are in limited supply or out of stock. We will eventually be increasing production and staff as the business continues to grow. In the meantime we apologize for any inconvenience.   


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