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Make It RC 1/10 Scale Series 94R Battery

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Add detail and realism to your 1/10 scale radio controlled car or truck. The Make It RC OEM Series 94R Battery is a high quality FDM 3D printed part. This battery is designed to group size 94R dimensional specifications, just at 1/10 the size. It would look great under the hood of many different RC vehicles, in the bed of a pickup truck, or as a part of a scale garage or diorama. This battery is available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the exact size that best suits your vehicle, and hollow versions of all sizes are available. You can also choose between black or white PLA plastic.

Sanding and painting is recommended to achieve the best appearance.

Hollow and solid versions are available




Length: 30.2mm Width: 16.8mm Height: 18.2mm

Weight (Oz): Solid: 0.12                Hollow: 0.14     



(Exactly 1/10 of 94R dimensional spec.)

Length: 31.5mm Width: 17.5mm Height: 19mm

Weight (Oz): Solid: 0.14                 Hollow: 0.16



Length: 32.7mm Width: 18.2mm Height: 19.7mm

Weight (Oz): Solid: 0.18                 Hollow: 0.18