MC01 Assembly Instructions

Video Tutorial 


Before you begin

  • Make sure to sand/trim away any imperfections on all parts prior to assembly
  • Ensure all measurements are accurate and correct
  • Use correct grease for all joints and moving parts
  • Do not over-tighten any screws
  • Follow instructions carefully and read before completing each step  
  • Test fit all parts before gluing


Step 1: Install lower control arms

Cut 1mm steel rod into two rods 17.5-18mm in length.

Slide through mount and lower control arm as shown. (Note the orientation of the lower control arms)

Install two M1.2x3.5mm screws onto each end to prevent the rods from coming out.

Tip: make sure the rods are fully inserted.



Step 2: Install springs and upper control arm mounts

Cut springs to the length you want.

Install the upper control arm mounts using a total of four M1.2x3.5mm screws as shown.  

Tip: It’s best to start with the springs slightly longer than what you think you will need. You can always remove more material if necessary.  


Step 3: Install upper control arms

Install both upper control arms with two M1 washers on either side as shown below. Sand the flat ends of the control arm if necessary if the fit is too tight.

Insert an M1x5mm machine screw. You need to thread it until it becomes tight enough that there is no undesirable play in the upper control arm, but also make sure not to strip any threads. Be careful when tightening, and apply only minimal pressure.

Tip: if the threads become stripped of you are having trouble getting the screw tight, carefully apply a small amount of glue to the hole facing the front of the vehicle for the end of the screw to stick to or use a slightly longer M1x6mm screw but ensure the end does not stick out too far to where it may come into contact withe the steering components.


Step 4: Assemble each steering knuckle

Cut a 1.5x5mm section of steel rod, or use a dowel pin to place in the slot towards the back of the knuckle.

Cut a section of M2 threaded rod to the length you want.

Assemble the knuckle as shown below. Wait to install the wheel axle (M2 shaft) and the wheel mount until everything else is assembled.

Apply some glue to one end of the M2 shaft (do not use too much as excess could seize one of the bearings)

Slide the shaft through the bearings to secure it. Be careful that you do not push the rod too far so it touches the back site of the knuckle and could stick to it.

Finally thread and glue the wheel mount to the shaft (again be careful not to have too much excess glue that could cause the bearing to seize).


Step 5: Install knuckles and steering linkage

Carefully press fit the steering knuckles into the control arms.

Connect each steering arm to the center link using M1x3mm screws and washers.

Press fit the steering linkage end that will attach to the servo to the end of one of the steering arms.

Mount the steering arms to the rest of the assembly using M1x3mm screws and washers.

Finally carefully press fit each tie-rod end.  


Your assembly is complete. Both suspension and steering components should move smoothly. You can now mount the assembly to your chassis.

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