FFR SC1 Motor Mount RFM1 V1 (Downloadable STL Files)

FFR SC1 Motor Mount RFM1 V1 (Downloadable STL Files)

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FFR SC1 M1 Motor Mount STL files for printing. Can be printed on FFF printers, small nozzle size is recommend. Dimensional accuracy of the printed parts are important to ensure proper fitment.  

Hardware for this mount can be found here: https://shop.makeitrc.com/products/rfm1-v1-motor-mount-hardware

Gear and bearing set can be found here: https://shop.makeitrc.com/products/rfm1-v1-motor-mount-6-6-gears-and-bearings-set-sr04-resin

This motor mount is compatible with the following motor:

RF-130CH-09520 Brushed Motor