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Make It RC SM01 Rear View Mirror for 1/10 Scale RC Car and Truck

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Add detail and realism to your 1/10 scale radio controlled car or truck with the Make It RC O.E.M. Series SM01 Rear View Mirror. These mirrors are SLA 3D printed in resin which provides a highly detailed and very realistic looking part as well as being easy to sand and paint. Please note that due to the support structure that is required when printing these mirrors, some surface imperfections on the back side are visible as can be seen in the images to the left. Some light sanding and painting is recommended to give these mirrors the best possible appearance.

These mirrors are non-adjustable but are available for both left and right hand drive vehicles. They are also available in two different sizes. Please note these items come unpainted and do not contain an actual reflective mirror surface. Mirror affect can be achieved using a variety of methods, including paint, paint pen, chrome mirror tape, and metal foil.