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Make It RC Type 181 1/24.5 Scale Wheel 18x10mm M2 Shaft 4x1mm Hex OS -2mm BS 3mm

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Clean and classic styling inspired by popular full scale aftermarket wheels. The Type 181 will look at home on a wide variety of vehicles. These wheels are designed to fit 1/24 and 1/25 scale vehicles. Ensure you are selecting the correct variant of this wheel by referencing the the information listed below. Some light sanding around the rear of the wheel is optional to achieve the best appearance. Use a small amount of water washable glue to help tire adhere to wheel if necessary.    

Wheel Specs:

Diameter & Width

Compatible Axle Type/ Wheel Mount




M2 Threaded Axle Shaft/4x1mm Hex




Also compatible with 4x2mm Hex.