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FFR SC1 Chassis Pieces V1 (Downloadable STL Files)

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The FFR SC1 is a small scale radio controlled car chassis designed for 1/24 and 1/25 scale model car bodies and other light weight plastic bodies of a similar size. This chassis is compatible with variants of the 53mm and 57mm Make It RC MA10 rear axle assemblies, as well as various different front suspension assemblies. The straight axle rear suspension makes this chassis ideal for replicating older vehicles, particularly certain older American muscle cars and other performance vehicles.

This chassis has been designed in a number of different sizes and wheel bases with more sizes and variations being added as time goes on. Don’t let the number of different files intimidate or confuse you. Choosing the correct files for your vehicle is easy.

Select the Main Chassis Piece:

First select the main chassis piece. Ensure the one you choose is compatible with the front suspension/steering assembly you will be using. Select the variation with the correct wheelbase your body requires (106mm,111mm,ect.) and chassis width (56mm, 60mm ect.). Finally make sure you select a main chassis piece that is compatible with your MA10 axle assembly (either the 53mm version or the 57mm).

All main chassis pieces are compatible with both torque arm and 3 Link with panhard rear suspension assemblies unless stated otherwise.

If your front suspension/steering assembly requires a spacer, make sure you select the correct one and print it as well.

Select the Over Axle Piece:

Next select the over axle piece. Again ensure it is compatible with the axle assembly you are using.

All over axle pieces are compatible with both torque arm and 3 Link with panhard rear suspension assemblies unless stated otherwise.

Select the Rear Piece(s):

Finally select a rear piece and if applicable choose a compatible trunk pan piece. You do not need to worry about compatibility as all rear pieces are compatible with all over axle pieces. However you will need to ensure that the rear piece will fit under the body you are using. Different size and shape rear pieces are available so select the one that fits the rear of the body the best.

Please note that this design is still a work in progress with more variations and improvements being added as time goes on. For assistance, updates, information, and to join our community check out our Facebook page and join the Make It RC Group:
We hope to have other community pages and forums available in the future, but for now our Facebook group is the best place to interact with us and other builders.

Chassis kit containing all of the non-printable parts can be found here:

A complete chassis kit containing all the pars you will need including all the printable chassis pieces can be found here:

To see all the items compatible with this chassis click this link:

No printer? No problem. All variations of this chassis can be purchased on our store page:

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Update 12-17-18:

More sizes of main chassis pieces have been added 100-125mm. New 28mm rear piece. Motor mount for N20 motor and gear assembly has been added.

Print Settings






200 microns or less is recommended


Different infill types and percentages will vary the weight and rigidity of the chassis


Minimum build platform dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 25mm

All parts contain a flat surface that should be placed on the bed when printing on an FFF printer.

For most FFF printers using a .25mm or smaller nozzle is recommended.

Use a strong, ridged material to make all the parts to increase the strength and stiffness of the chassis. Standard PLA works well but more ridged materials are even better.

Ensure your printer is well calibrated and dimensional accurate since these parts are relatively small, contain some finer details, and to ensure all the parts will fit together well.

Good bed adhesion is important to prevent warping.


Step 1

Carefully remove all support structure.

Step 2

Check the quality of the print and test fit all the parts. Do any trimming or sanding if necessary.

Step 3

Using an appropriate sized drill bit to ensure all of the holes are the correct size is recommended. (1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.6mm drill bits will be needed)

Step 4

Use the appropriate fasteners along with some super glue (optional) to secure each part. Fastener kit can be purchased here: