How Our FFR SC1 Chassis Brings This 40 Year Old Dealer Promo Car To Life!

Dealer promo cars were once common in dealerships as a means of promoting brand new models, or as a novelty for new car buyers. These usually 1/25 scale replicas would be produced by companies such as AMT. The tooling used to manufacture these bodies later was used for plastic model car kits enjoyed by hobbyists to this day. 

With prices of 1980's era Camaro and Firebird plastic model car kits rising, and even more recent re-releases fetching high prices online, this $11, 1983 Camaro dealer promo car seemed like a bargain, though with a few compromises. 

Combining this 40 year old dealer promo car with our latest FFR SC1 Builders Series Chassis Kit seemed like the perfect recipe for some small scale RC fun!       


This project showcases the new FFR SC1 chassis kit, as well as the transformation of this admittedly plain looking body into something much more life-like.       

Check out the video below to see the transformation step by step and to learn more about this project and the parts used.


A little detail work with some paint and markers went a long way to making this 1/25 scale promo car look far more like the real thing.

Ready to tear up the 1/25 scale streets! 😎


If you're ready to start your build, check out this Make It RC FFR SC1 Chassis Kit sized for AMT and MPC 3rd Gen Camaro and Firebird model kits. You'll find more information about the chassis, and a list of compatible plastic model car kits on that page. 


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